Select published poetry and visual art.

Poetry online

self-portrait as a series of bent zoning laws in New Delta Review (2017).

Poem for when the Empire is personally hunting you down in LOVE’S EXECUTIVE ORDER (2017).

observation in a small country and the law of conservation of love in Big Lucks (2016).

the Black American gets her travel fellowship and goes abroad in Philadelphia Stories (2016). *This piece was selected for Editor’s Choice Award in the Sandy Crimmins National Poetry Contest

thermodynamics and hydronymy in Heart Journal (2016).

g as in god and interpretation of dreams in The Scream Online Dreams Poetry Anthology (2016).

prelude in Callaloo Journal Vol 38, No 2 (2015).

glossopteris in Lime Hawk Arts (2015).

Pangaea’s 16 questions and (alternate ending in Jet Fuel Review (2015).

fear of causing pain in The Intima (2015).

the benediction of Our Lady of Hyperglycemia in the museum of americana (2015).

what’s your name in Love Insha’Allah with audio (2014).

driving at night (alone) in Muzzle Magazine with audio (2014).

July 4th in Diverse Voices Quarterly (2013).

three poems in Protest Poems (2011).

at the Piggly-Wiggly in East Nashville in qarrtsiluni magazine with audio (2011).

apagón in Muzzle Magazine with audio (2011).

a lake in Damselfly Press (2010).

Poetry in print

thunder’s baby in Yemassee Journal (2017). *This piece was selected by Jericho Brown for the Yemassee Journal annual Poetry Prize and was nominated for Pushcart Prize.

the weight and dimensions of my prayers in Philadelphia Stories (2016). *This piece was selected for Honorable Mention in the Sandy Crimmins National Poetry Contest.

primum non nocere in The Los Angeles Review (2015).

symptoms in The Examined Life: A Literary Journal of the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine (2014).

geography in The Caribbean Writer (2011).

so easily we shatter in 34th Parallel (2010).

Visual art

Decision. Cover art for 34th Parallel, 10th edition (2010).

Nature in Hinchas de Poesia (2010).

Chimi Stand D’Jonatan in OVS Magazine (2011).

The Andes (mixed media) in Hinchas de Poesia (2010).

Five Pointed in Hinchas de Poesia (2010).